Babilonia Teatri. Pinocchio. 2012. Nirmal Caselli Photo
Babilonia Teatri. Pinocchio. 2012. Nirmal Caselli Photo

Pinocchio, 2012

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Pinocchio (2012)

By Valeria Raimondi and Enrico Castellani
With Enrico Castellani, Paolo Facchini, Luigi Ferrarini, Riccardo Sielli and Luca Scotton
An artistic partnership with Stefano Masotti and Vincenzo Todesco
Sets, costumes, lighting and sound Babilonia Teatri
Organization Babilonia Teatri e BaGs Entertainment
Graphic Design Franciu
Production Babilonia Teatri
In partnership with Operaestate Festival Veneto
With the contribution of Municipality of Bologna, Emilia Romagna Regional Council
Patronage Emilia Teatro Fondazione
Promotion BaGs Entertainment
Aristic residence Babilonia Teatri and La Corte Ospitale
Pinocchio is a joint project of Babilonia Teatri and “Gli Amici di Luca” theatre workshop at the Casa dei Risvegli Luca De Nigris, made with the contribution of the Alta Mane-Italia Foundation
Preview Casa dei Risvegli Luca De Nigris, Bellaria Hospital 7-8-9 October 2012; October 7, the 14th edition of the National Awakening Day for coma research, Bologna

Babilonia Teatri, Pinocchio (2012) – presentation

by Renata Savo
“The fact of making a performance with them has profound meaning to us. It speaks to our need to make a necessary theatre. A theatre where life bursts onto the stage with all of its power, without being mediated by fiction. Where the actor non-actor carries all of his experience, unconsciousness and sincerity onto the stage. Where what matters isn’t skill or technique but the truth of bodies and lives that speak for themselves.”

The character of Pinocchio is used by Babilonia Teatri as an excuse to give voice to the performance’s main characters, who in this case aren’t professional actors but “real” people who – just like the puppet in Collodi’s novel – have suffered an irreversible transformation. Paolo, Luigi and Riccardo, who Babilonia Teatri met through “Gli Amici di Luca” (a charity linked to the Casa dei Risvegli at Bellaria Hospital in Bologna) represent nobody but themselves: three individuals who had been in accidents and who, one day, awoke from their coma and suddenly returned to life.

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Wit them we met the world we have always wanted to portray, narrate and give back. A world to listen to and amplify with no pietism, paternalism nor racism.
Babilonia Teatri and Gli amici di Luca
Episode of "Retroscena" (Tv2000), 15 June 2012
Babilonia Teatri: after the coma, a Pinocchio on the contrary
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Critical writings
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