Compagnia della Fortezza

Compagnia della Fortezza

Compagnia della fortezza

Compagnia della Fortezza – biographical notes

by Compagnia della Fortezza
Compagnia della Fortezza is a project of the theatre workshop in the House of Imprisonment of Volterra, born in August1988, with the care of Carte Blanche and the direction of Armando Punzo.
The few hours of work with the convicts initially scheduled grew at once exponentially: one of the characteristics of the company has always been the assiduousness and the continuity of their work, together with the aim at an artistic outcome of the workshops. Far from having re-educative or socializing purposes, Punzo’s setting was to work «in the interest of theatre, and its arts and crafts». The revolution for the prison of Volterra, and indirectly for the caring of the artistic quality of the work carried out by Compagnia della Fortezza, started exactly from here.
The company has been producing an average of one performance per year; many of these, in the same way as the commitment of the actors-convicts, have been awarded some of the most prestigious prizes in the world of theatre and continue meeting with enormous approval with insiders, spectators and workers.

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Teatrography of Compagnia della Fortezza,, edited by Stefano Scipioni


, edited by Stefano Scipioni

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