Collettivo Cinetico

Collettivo Cinetico

CollettivO CineticO. Foto di Giacomo Stefani.

CollettivO CineticO – biographical notes

edited by Angela Bozzaotra
Choreographer and dancer Francesca Pennini was born in 1984. She has been practicing contemporary dance, Japanese butoh, martial arts, athletic gym and disco dancing. Since 2005, she has been composing solo works, until in 2008 she was awarded the Prize Giovani Danz’Autori Emilia Romagna. In 2007, in Ferrara, she set up a group of artists, each coming from a different background.
The aesthetics of the group was based on two elements: devising a concept of the body in movement and creating a contrivance that could be amusing, performing, visual, resounding, starting from laboratory studies on the quality of movement.
2012 the group presented *plek at the review “DNA – danza nazionale autoriale” inside RomaEuropa Festival. The performance was radically upsetting: the soprano Floriano d’Auria sang and kept folding and refolding a big sheet. The first immediate reference was to Gilles Deleuze’s concept of folding. In the next two works, <age> and Amleto (2014), the dramaturgy got more consistent and precise. In <age> a group of teenagers addressed the audience through an “existential radiography”.
Amleto was a very different story. The character Amleto did not exist: it was literally elected by the spectators, selected from four unknown performers, who showed off like in the worst reality show, in tragic-comical entr’actes, guided by Francesca Perrini’s off-stage voice. The four dramatis personae, undergoing a sort of torture, scenic and obscene, had to face a merciless – because not appealable – selection, ending with the candidate-to-be Amleto. In case the result of the selection came out totally unexpected, within the opera there was a solid and “studied” structure: a choreography presenting three performers of the group dancing tied to ropes and painted black.

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Writings by artists and interviews

Francesca Pennini, Ci sarà bisogno di una lente, Graphic game, Ci sarà bisogno di una lente is a short text written by Francesca Pennini to illustrate her poetics. in Acca F., Lantieri J. (edited by), Cantieri Extralarge. Quindici anni di danza d'autore in Italia 1995 - 2010, Editoria e Spettacolo, 2011

Francesca Pennini, Oscene | Obseen, conceptual text by Francesca Pennini in Massimo Schiavoni (edited by), Performativi. Per uno sguardo scenico contemporaneo Ed. Gwynplaine, Camerano (AN) 2011

Francesca Pennini, [Questa (non) è un’intervista] Indagine in tappe sul dispositivo cinetico4.4 di CollettivO CineticO in Matteo Antonaci, (edited by), «», November 25, 2011

Francesca Pennini, [Questa (non) è un'intervista] Indagine in tappe sul dispositivo Cinetico 4.4. di CollettivO CineticO. Tappa 2 in Matteo Antonaci, (edited by), «», March 27, 2012

Francesca Pennini, speech at the conference "Stati Generali della Danza" NID PLATFORM - The New Italian Dance Platform Brindisi, November 23, 2012

Critical writings

Matteo Antonaci,Cinetico 4.4 in Matteo Antonaci, «Metamorfosi. Mensile di infocritica», n. 51,

Oliviero Ponte di Pino, Il teatro è una piega, ma anche un gioco in «», n. 150, May 5th 2014


Collettivo Cinetico, XD Scritture retiniche sullʼoscenità dei denti

Drodesera, 2012
© photo by Claudia Pajewski and Stefano Partisani

Collettivo Cinetico, XD, Scritture retiniche sull'oscenità dei denti, 2011

© photo by Agata Wawryszczuk

CollettivO CineticO, Ballroaming, 2015

© photo by Camilla Caselli

Mini Ballet n.1

CollettivO CineticO


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: :D 2|2 monoscritture retiniche sull'oscenità dei denti

Francesca Pennini, CollettivO CineticO

O+< scritture viziose sull'inarrestabilità del tempo

concept and direction Francesca Pennini
2009 (year of creation)
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