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Sport. 2011

Rhuena Bracci. gruppo nanou. 2011. Sport. ©foto di Laura Arlotti.

Sport (2011)

By Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci
with Rhuena Bracci
Sound Roberto Rettura
Scenes in collaboration with Città di Ebla
Special thanks to Fabio Sajiz
Produced by L’Officina-atelier marseillais de production (Marsiglia, Francia)
Co-produced by L’animal a l’esquena e Cra’p (Spagna), Indisciplinarte (Italy), El Teatro (Tunisia), Haraka (Egypt)
With the support of the European Commission’s framework programme for culture 2007-2013, sector Cooperation with third-party countries for the years 2010 and 2011.
with the contribution of MIBAC, Regione Emilia-Romagna Assessorato alla Cultura, the Roberto Cimetta Fund
with the support of City of Ebla, PimOff

Sport. Presentazione

by Sergio Lo Gatto
Sport puts together different phases of the athletic preparation (from chalk on hands to exercise on the parallel bars) of a gymnast (Rhuena Bracci). The exercises are carried out on a structure of iron tubing, installed in a dimly lighted space and crisscrossed by shadows and flashes of light. The entire action is accompanied by a sound track that reproduces the indistinct hubbub of a vast invisible audience.
The lighting design and the movements are intended to highlight the peculiarities of the athlete’s body, by designing in the dark the contours of the taut muscles. As in other nanou group spectacle, the face of the performer is not shown distinctly to the spectators, who guess at his/her physiognomy, thus concentrating their attention of the pure movement, which nevertheless reveals specific psychological traits.
The broad empty space in which the iron structure is isolated by the framework of light turns the millimetric concentration of the performer into a visual field, focusing on her physical energy, and endowing materiality to the sound dimension, divided into two neat halves, between the stern silence of the athlete and the minute sounds that the exercise produces.

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Photo Laura Arlotti
Photo Emanuela Giudirano


edited by gruppo nanou

Meeting with the public

Pim Off, Milan. December 21, 2010

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