Collettivo Cinetico

*plek-, 2012

Collettivo Cinetico. *Plek-. 2012. Festival Ammutinamenti, Ravenna, 13 Settembre 2013. © Foto di Marco Davolio.

CollettivO CineticO. *plek. (2012)

Fragment from the project C/o
Direction and choreography by Francesca Pennini
Dramaturgy by Angelo Pedroni
Lighting design by Leonardo Bucalossi
Action and creation by Floriano D’Auria (mezzosoprano), Nicola Galli, Angelo Pedroni, Francesca Pennini
“Unexplainable parenthesis” with Alice Caruso, Nicole Di Giovanna, Alessia Giudici, Martina Giudici, Viola Morelli, Alessia Muraglia, Matilde Panicucci, Erica Simoncini, Sara Tamantini,
Costumes by Rossella Bergamo, Angela Zanfino
Video by Marco Morandi
Video montage by Francesca Pennini
Photography by Marco Davolio
Production CollettivO CineticO, Festival Inequilibrio / Armunia
Rehearsal space supplied by Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, Instabile Urga
Premiere Castiglioncello, Vada, Teatro L’Ordigno, Festival Inequilibrio, 5th July 2012

The Spectator as Homo Ludens. *plek by CollettivO CineticO

by Angela Bozzaotra
In 2011, as part of the DNA programme of the Romaeuropa Festival, CollettivO CineticO presented a performance entitled *{future title}. Until this point, the 2007-founded company had only presented short dance performances and actions in urban space. An expanse of thick, industrial paper is folded and unfolded by the tenor Floriano D’Auria who sings curious lyrics all along the fifteen minutes of the performance. In parallel, the performer Angelo Pedroni is underneath an opaque paper covering, where he breathes through a mouthpiece as he points – as if they were captions – to a series of sheets of paper for a hand-held camera that projects a sort of alternative performance to the main one. There are two levels of representation: the first is live, the second recorded. In *{future title} there is no dance; the body only reiterates and executes a series of actions. In 2012, this fragment was reworked into the dramaturgical scheme of the show * plek. The collective’s first theatrical work, * plek appears to be a whole made out of parts and sequences dramaturgically linked by the concept of the “fold”, a reference to Gilles Deleuze’s writings on the relationship between the fold and the Baroque. The tenor Floriano D’Auria, who sings Baroque operas, is at the centre of the whole mise en scène – a decision that speaks back to the collective’s practice of crystallising concepts through their literal “indexing”.

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Festival Ammutinamenti, Ravenna, 13 September 2013
photo by Marco Davolio


filming by Marco Morandi
2012 spectacle teaser

*{future title}

(first study of * Plek-)
Palladium Theater, October 28th 2011
explanation # 2