Motus. Enrico Casagrande e Daniela Nicolò.

Motus. Biographical note

by Renata Savo
Motus was founded in Rimini in 1991 by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Francesconi Nicolò. They both were studying in Urbino, where they met while taking part in the university theatre group “Atarassia” and E.A.S.T. (European Associations of Students of Theatre). Following the graduation of their studies (in History of Economics and Sociology), they moved to Rimini, where the idea of creating an independent theatre group was born. Initially it was called “Opere dell’Ingegno” (“Works of the mind”).
The same year, they created Stati d’assedio, inspired to Albert Camus play L’état de siège. The play won “First Prize Coordination Young Italian Artists”, Spazio Proposta and was noticed by Santarcangelo Festival ’91. This project defined the “diverse” nature of the artistic group, as it involved not only actors, but also musicians, graphic artists and sculptors.
In 1992 the group changed its name to Motus. This was a start of a series of productions and small events curated and directed by both Enrico and Daniela,nwho were interested in directing, which evolved into the dramaturgical process and writing, in addition to often acting in the shows themselves.
In the same year, they produced Strada Principale and Strade Secondarie, dedicated to Paul Klee and Samuel Beckett, which was presented at the Festival Off in Avignon and at the Edinburgh Fringe. 
In 1993, for the Scenario Award, the group created AID. Zona ad alta tensione. With this show Daniela and Enrico traveled to Morocco, where they began collaborating with Moroccan students and workers, setting up a series of activities aimed at exchanges with the Islamic culture. This developed into the project Maghreb e Senegal, fra letteratura ed oralità. I teatri della differenza for DAMS of Bologna (Teatro la Soffitta)…

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