Claudio Raimondi and Riccardo Caporossi

Claudio Remondi and Riccardo Caporossi

Claudio Remondi e Riccardo Caporossi. Foto di Dino Ignani. © Tutti i diritti riservati.

Claudio Remondi and Riccardo Caporossi – Biography

edited by Viviana Raciti
Claudio Remondi and Riccardo Caporossi are one of the most fertile and lasting duos in contemporary Italian theatre, who have relentlessly worked on the research of new theatrical languages as well as on the training of young artists and actors. For over 40 years they have worked together on their pieces, of which they are both actors and directors.
Claudio Remondi was born in 1927. Between the late 1950s and early 1960s he started a company, ‘Il Leopardo’, in which he worked with Leo De Berardinis, Rino Sudano and Carlo Quartucci; he dealt with some of Ruzante’s texts (he directs La Moscheta, 1959), Ionesco (he performs in Les Chaises, 1962, directed by Quartucci), and Beckett (in 1964, again with Quartucci directing, he acts in Waiting for Godot). In 1967 he opened a space in the Roman district of Monteverde also called ‘Il Leopardo’, continued to work with Quartucci and, in 1968, acted at Turin’s Teatro Stabile in Rozewicz’s Witnesses. In 1969 he played Sancho Panza with Gigi Proietti in his Don Quixote for TV1. It was in Rome, in 1969, that Remondi met Riccardo Caporossi, who had completed a degree in architecture at La Sapienza, University of Rome, and whose background was predominantly in architecture and visual arts. The duo’s different backgrounds gave way to their creation of a personal language which ‘develops a kind of writing with images directly onto the stage’.
From 1970 onwards, Remondi and Caporossi were the responsible directors of the company ‘Club Teatro: Rem & Cap Proposte’, which had a venue in Via Sant’Agata dei Goti. In the same year they became eligible for funding from the Ministry of Arts and Culture in the live performance section, and obtained a certain consensus from Italian criticism.

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Writings by artists and interviews

Claudio Remondi and Riccardo Caporossi, Ancora parole sul lavoro di Remondi e Caporossi, typescript, Riccardo Caporossi's archive, 1976.

Claudio Remondi and Riccardo Caporossi, senza punti né virgole così di seguito ininterrottamente come l'abbiamo detto, typescript, Riccardo Caporossi's archive, mid 80s.

Critical writings

Antonio Pizzo,Introduzione, in Antonio Pizzo, Materiali e Macchine nel teatro di Remondi e Caporossi, I.U.O., Napoli 1992.

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Interview with Riccardo Caporossi,

by Mimesi Lab. Expression Pedagogy Laboratory coordinated by Dr. Gilberto Scaramuzzo, 2012.

, edited by Viviana Raciti


Bibliography, edited by Viviana Raciti

List of laboratories, held by Claudio Remondi and Riccardo Caporossi.

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