Framerate 0. 2009

Santasangre. Framerate 0. 2009. © Foto di Laura Arlotti. Courtesy of Santasangre.

Framerate 0 (2009)

ideation Diana Arbib, Luca Brinchi, Maria Carmela Milano, Pasquale Tricoci, Roberta Zanardo
live video processing Diana Arbib, Luca Brinchi
sound and live processing Dario Salvagnini
3D elaboration Alessandro Rosa
organization Elena Lamberti
production Santasangre 2009
co-production Romaeuropa Festival, Centrale Fies
with the contribution of Città di Ebla
technical sponsor Industrial Frigo

Framerate 0 (2009) – presentation

by Mauro Petruzziello
“By experiment we mean implementing an empirical operation designed to validate or disprove a hypothesis in the context of a theory, or simply to observe phenomena in depth in order to improve our knowledge of them. The scenic space will be our lab, the place where we can transfer the phenomena which normally occur in nature and subject them to temporal reductions or accelerations.” With this statement, expressed in its program notes and on its website, Santasangre presented a series of experiments (Framerate 0 and Sincronie di errori non prevedibili) and the next phase of its research divided into hypotheses (Prima ipotesi, Seconda ipotesi, Terza ipotesi), which characterized its 2009/2010 project cycle. The final result of the intense activity linked to this project was the creation of the play Bestiale improvviso. Framerate 0 offered a first look at the horizon that Santasangre explored through this work cycle. The imagery ideally joined together post-atomic scenarios with those of a primordial world. The ceilings, walls and in general spaces that in turn hosted the work were probed with bright chromatic effects and abstract projections, starting with shafts of white-cold neon lights and proceeding through swirls of icy colors to white and blue flashes. At the same time creaks that became sinister industrial-type noises were arranged in a sonic language that evoked both a vending machine and the crackle of melting ice. The spectators watching the play were surrounded by a sonic-visual sensory stimulation that often shook them in the form of actual sound vibrations from bass notes. After the climax marked by flashes of lightning and the dense sounds, the drama seemed to relax and focus on a huge sheet of ice lying on the stage.

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Framerate 0

Sketches by Diana Arbib and Pasquale Tricoci

Framerate 0

Photo by Laura Arlotti
© All rights reserved

Framerate 0

trailer of Framerate 0 da youtube

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