Roberto Latini

Ubu Roi. 2012

Roberto Latini. Ubu Roi. 2012. © Photo by Simone Cecchetti

Ubu roi (2012)

By Alfred Jarry
Adaptation and direction Roberto Latini
Music and sounds Gianluca Misiti
Scene Luca Baldini
Costumes Marion D’Amburgo
Lights Max Mugnai
with Roberto Latini
and with Savino Paparella, father Ubu
Ciro Masella, mother Ubu
Sebastian Barbalan, Queen Rosmunda, Tsar Alessio
Marco Jackson Vergani, Captain Bordure / Bear
Lorenzo Berti, King Wenceslas / Specter / Nobles
Guido Feruglio, prince Bugrelao
Fabio Bellitti, palotini / Orsa / Messaggero
Technical direction Max Mugnai
Technical collaboration Nino del Principe
Assistant director Tiziano Panici
Production management Federica Furlanis
Promotion and communication Nicole Arbelli
Photo Simone Cecchetti
Fortebraccio Theater production
A project realized in collaboration with Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana
First performance Prato, Teatro Fabbricone, 1st February 2012
Prato, Teatro Fabbricone, 2-11 February 2012
Ravenna, Rasi Theater, February 28th 2012
Modena, Teatro delle Passioni, 1-3 March 2012
Rome, India Theater, March 21-25, 2012
Reggio Emilia, Teatro Sociale Gualtieri, 2-3 October 2013
Milan, Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato, 9-13 October 2013
Prato, Teatro Fabbricone, 5-6 April 2014
Bogota, XIV Hibero-American Festival de Teatro de Bogota, April 16-20, 2014
Perugia, Bertolt Brecht Theater, April 24th 2014
Rovereto (TN), Auditorium Fausto Melotti, 29 April 2014
Forlì, Diego Fabbri Theater, 2 May 2014
Cuneo, Toselli Theater, January 15th 2015
Castiglioncello, Castello Pasquini, January 18th 2015
Casalecchio di Reno, Public. The Casalecchio di Reno Theater, 21 January 2015
Nominated as best director at the 2012 UBU Awards
*During the 2013/2014 season, the actors Simone Perinelli and Fabiana Gabanini will be replaced respectively by Guido Feruglio and Fabio Bellitti

Ubu roi, Roberto Latini / Fortebraccio Teatro, 2012

by Serena Terranova
The scene is a boundless plane, a huge white carpet that smooths the inner edges of the theater box, the ground of a horizon. The characters of Ubu Roi, directed by Roberto Latini, emerge from this milky background as evoked presences, interpreters of another place that materializes before the spectators in a slow set of apparitions.

The curtain rises on a hotplate at center stage. One by one, figures identical to each other make their entries, bodies dressed in white robes, wearing monkey masks. One after another, these sexless, ageless souls take their places on small white stools, each holding a stick on which a fishing line is braided, with a sausage dangling from it. They lay the sausage on the already heated hotplate and roast it, eyeing each other and now and then uttering a low moan. A piece of music interrupts the silence. It is the sci-fi sound of a wormhole opening, a sudden hiss broken up into progressively fainter fragments. This noise will act as a curtain at other points in the performance, to introduce new scenes and signal changes of atmosphere and action. On this first flash Roberto Latini enters, disguised as Pinocchio, with a nose made of white paper, a red jacket on and a metal chain dangling from his neck.

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Ubu Roi

Writings by artists and interviews

Roberto Latini, Director's note. I believe, in ( It )


Photo by Simone Cecchetti


Ubu Roi, trailer


UbU Waltz

By Gianluca Misiti
Original musical composition

Carlotta Tringali, Ubu roi secondo Roberto Latini, «Il Tamburo di Kattrin», March 6, 2012

Antonio Audino, Avaro e Ubu orfani di tournée, «Il Sole 24 Ore», April 1, 2012

Andrea Pocosgnich, Shakespeare e la patafisica, «Doppiozero», April 12, 2012

Critical writings

Katia Ippaso, Fossili che emergono dalle acque profonde: conversazione con Roberto Latini, in Alfred Jarry/Roberto Latini. Ubu Roi, booklet of hall, Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana, 2012